The Cormorant. Reed cormorant


A quick lesson that any bird watcher acquires early in his/her trade is to follow the food. Where the food is in abundance, there you will find the bird (almost similar to crime investigations involving money laundering-follow the money!). Hence, in order to catch a glimpse of some water birds, I set out early in the morning to the University’s fish ponds. University of Eldoret that is. And there I met the reed cormorant.

As usual, it was unwanted in the fish ponds. Hence, there was a fellow guarding the ponds. He had a sling over his shoulder. I was curious to know whether he had killed any cormorants with it. I was a bit saddened that he had. However, he tried to assuage my despondence by quipping that these were few and far between. The birds have learned to stay away from the sling-man. Now, all he has to do to chase them is make one or two swings and the birds scatter away-but not for long.

They have devised ingenious cat and mouse games. When the sling-man is looking one way, they dive in the ponds in the other, his blind side if you will. And they are such excellent divers that a moment’s glance away, is enough for them to dive in. Sling-man asserts that they can stay under water for a considerable period of time. I was tempted to play the bad guest by asking him to allow one to fish that I may witness. Nonetheless, I quickly shelved the temptation. Nonetheless, I tried to get a shot of one in action but the birdie was too quick for my camera (shopping for a good D-SLR, recommendations are most welcome).


All in all, I was glad I went bird watching at the pond. Here’s a glimpse of it


PS: thanks for the nudge

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