Kaleidoscope Birding

There are days when one knows that good birding is in the offing. The past two days has been exactly that for me.

I had spent quite some time in Nairobi on my Msc programme. Well, last week I completed coursework and needed to embark on my research. Hence, I travelled home (Eldoret) to collect data but also catch up with the old folks. I also yearned to carry out some survey of sorts of the bird species around home.
It was a nice experience. On both days, I rose early, gobbled three slices of bread, drowned them with a cuppa tea and then went out to meet my winged-kindred. On both days, the sun was just showing its face and one could hear the speckled mouse birds chirping here and there.

Some Robin-chats could also be seen darting here and there and warbling their tails in their characteristic manner. A common bulbul was heard singing sweetly up from the roof.

A bronze sunbird flew from flower to flower sucking nectar, all the while singing, in an almost staccato flute like manner. A pair of Rufous sparrows perched nearby on the trees in the garden.

The African paradise monarch adorned in its beautiful orange feathers, tail streamer and raised crown was sight to behold. The blue-breasted bee-eater was also in its element. Preening on a tree, it was in no hurry go about its business giving me a good chance to savour its Rufous wings, white cheeks and purple gorget.
Along a nearby river, Sosiani, the black headed weaver noisily went about its business without a care in the world, except completing its nest. A solitary Hadada fished for insects in the open grassland nearby.

A common fiscal perched on a defunct telephone line wagging its tail. Perhaps what was the icing on the cake was the sighting of what I thought was a great goshawk. However, on noting its features more closely I could not help think it was a brown snake-eagle. I am still trying to figure out which species it is. Perhaps, other more experienced bird-watchers can help me out on this one.

All in all, these past two days have reminded me that birding still has its reins on my heart; turning my head willingly to look up to the lovely birds and once in a while look down too though not in a condescending manner but with awe.

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