Into the Woods

Once again, it was that time when I felt like Ishmael-going into the streets and knocking people’s hats off (if you haven’t read Moby Dick, this sounds like a load of gibberish).

In other words, misanthropic tendencies kicked in. I desperately needed some time out, out of the visual and audio noise of Nairobi.

A while back, when I needed to be alone, I retreated to my old man’s farm on the slopes of Cherangany hills near Eldoret town. Therein, at the far South-East corner, I had my own happy valley where I spent long hours in meditation or birding.

However, now that I am married and fully settled in Nairobi, this option was not readily available to me.

A quite place out of town was the best cure for this dark malady that is misanthropy.

Karura Forest was the place. Wednesday was the day.

A small talk with my boss earned me the week off.  A few vitals were packed.

  • Camera
  • Binoculars
  • Bird field guide
  • Pencil
  • Milk
  • Digestives
  • Water

It was a day well spent. Birds, butterflies and trails offered some much needed tranquillity. Oh, and Mr Pickwick was there too. Quite an amiable company he was too. Come evening and I left Karura in the most sanguine of spirits.

Now I can face the world again.

_DSC1037 _DSC1079 _DSC1111 _DSC1141 _DSC1147 _DSC1164 _DSC1328_DSC1386


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