God’s Strokes


At the heart of joyful photography is randomness and surprise.

Sometime back, on an early morning, I took a shot of the hay field near University of Nairobi, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences or CAVS as it is popularly known. The morning mist hovered over the hay while the sun was just rising thus giving the grass that golden halo.

As is often the case, I found myself going back to the same hallowed spot over and over again. I did not quite get the shot I was looking for. However, last week on Friday, I happened to pass along St Raphael Church just nearby the very same hay field. The sun was just rising over the horizon. I did not have my camera with me but I clicked a few snapshots with my phone. Nonetheless, it did not quite capture the picture I had in mind.

In order to create that picture, I resorted to Lightroom and played around with the exposure, contrast, shadows and a lil’ bit of vibrancy. The result was spot on-Silhouettes worthy to be framed and hanged on the wall. Here are the before and after photos. Enjoy!




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