The Augur Buzzard


The augur buzzard is one of the most majestic birds of prey in and around Nairobi. One can easily spot it in the skies flying solo, unlike pied crows or black hawks which are usually seen in pairs. The tips of its wings would be pointed towards the heavens giving it a distinctive shape from the common birds of prey in Nairobi.
I have followed some augur buzzards in my happy valley for quite some time now, every once in a while I see the high up in the sky. However, occasionally, I would find one perched on a lone tree in the middle of the valley.
It is a pleasure to photograph this buzzard and to learn its behaviour especially with the bullies that are pied crows. Several times I have seen chase a lone buzzard. Although, they are much more agile than the buzzard, the buzzard always outwits them.
Well, here are a few photos of the majestic bird.





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